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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Night At The Fair

Cars are bumper to bumper as we slowly inch into the parking lot.  The excitement builds as we walk toward the entrance.  The first thing we see is the ferris wheel high in the sky with lights flashing.
Happy squeals fill the air as we stand in lines waiting to ride.
We walk through the agriculture exhibit.   Daddy loved seeing the cows and pigs.  This picture is for you Daddy.
The smells of the onions cooking, the cotton candy spinning, the  peanuts boiling, and the funnel cakes frying all mix together.  Mama always wanted the funnel cake.  This picture is for you Mama.
We hear the game hawkers yelling "Win a big prize!"  Toss a ring over the bowl.  Throw a dart at
the balloon.  Shoot the water to fill the tube.  If you're a child, pick up a duck and win a prize.  Lee loved the games and sometimes would win.  This picture is for you Lee.
The fair is a place for making new memories and remembering old ones.   



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